Back Pain During Pregnancy

So the first trimester is behind you now and you are glowing (well according to all of your friends). Great … but what? You’re still in pain

Back pain is one of the most common symptom and is experienced by about 50- 70% of women during pregnancy. Does that make you feel better? Probably not

Back pain can start early on, around week 18, and continues (sometimes gets worse), until you give birth. Women who are most at risk for back pain are those who are overweight or had back pain prior to pregnancy

What Causes Pregnancy Back Pain

As the baby grows (and so does your belly), your back can begin to suffer

A hormone called relaxin causes the ligaments in your body to soften and stretch, causing the joints in your pelvis area to loosen up in preparation for delivering that baby

In addition to that, the additional weight from the pregnancy and baby create more weight that your back must support and your balance gets thrown as your centre of gravity gradually shifts forward. In turn, your lower back curves more than usual to accommodate the load, resulting in strained muscles, stress in weak areas of the body and the soreness, stiffness and pain that follow

Any additional poor posture, excessive standing and bending can also escalate the pain

Avoiding Pregnancy Back Pain

There are a number of things you can do to help prevent back pain or at least reduce the severity or frequency once it does occur

Try to adopt these tips

Avoid lifting heavy objects;  pregnancy is a good time to simply ask for help

Avoid reaching up; if you must get to the top shelf where all the cookies are kept, use a low, stable, step stool to get items from high places to avoid additional strength. But remember to

Watch your weight; keep your weight gain where it should be

Bend your knees and keep your back straight (i.e. squat) when picking something, or someone, up

Wear flat shoes with adequate support as these allow your weight to be evenly distributed

Sitting for too long? Adjust your work surface to be high enough to prevent you from stooping and take breaks at least once an hour – sitting too long can make your back hurt even more

Standing for too long? If you work on your feet, or when washing the dishes, try to place one foot on a low stool to take some pressure off your lower back

Avoid sleeping on your back, ideal position is on your left side with one support pillow between your knees and another one supporting your belly

Consider buying a support belt and wearing it under your lower abdomen

Exercise gently to ease back pain, focusing on strengthening the back and stomach muscles. You could try some exercise in water classes or prenatal yoga which will relax both your mind and your back

Get enough rest, particularly later on in pregnancy

A firm mattress and a good pillow will also help relieve backache – a good time to invest in an orthopedic pillow

Elevate your feet for 15 minutes at the end of the day

Get a massage –  this will re-energize you and ease your back – but make sure that it is a prenatal massage, only after week 14 and is carried out by a professional licensed therapist

Talk to your doctor – if your back pain is significant, ask your family doctor about physical therapists, alternative medicine specialists (such as acupuncturists), or chiropractors who might be able to help

My Personal Experience

It was very important for Masü to get prenatal massage therapists on board at the launch, despite the limited massage types on offer  

All prenatal massage therapists at Masü  have had extra training and know how to treat pregnant women at all stages as well as post pregnancy

Masü was launched before my daughter’s first birthday and less than 6 months before my son’s birth! So being pregnant all of it’s life, and during it’s creation, it seemed natural to include this treatment

During my first pregnancy I received 2 prenatal massages, I remember my partner surprising me both times, a much appreciated gift as back then, my back was suffering even before week 18! I also attended prenatal yoga classes, regularly visited an osteopath and attended a swimming pool exercise class, OK- the latter was just that once. Now with a toddler already around, I seem to have less time for it all, but am not cutting out on the massage treatments, and most importantly of all, I have adopted all (but 3 of) the tips mentioned above and believe it helps me stay pain free.. Or maybe it is still too early to know

Hope these tips help you and feel free to to suggest more

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