Male or Female Massage Therapist; Which Do You Prefer


Masseur or Masseuse – Does it really matter

When booking your massage treatment, whether in a spa or at home, you always get asked – would you prefer a male or a female therapist? A bit of an awkward question which might bring certain thoughts of stigma and concerns of safety to many clients.  The fact is that the majority of clients, whether they're male or female, prefer a female massage therapist. At Masu, where clients book massage therapists in Israel to come to their house, over 85% of orders are for female therapists. This causes inequality in demand and significantly less work for our male therapists

At Masu we focus on the quality of our massage therapists and less so on their gender. However there is no denying that female massage therapists are in much higher demand, and more so in Israel than in the US and European markets. We decided to investigate what causes this and how can we challenge it

Why is there a preference for female / male massage therapist

There are a number of concerns that might go through a client's mind- Will a female therapist be strong enough? Will I get aroused? Will they think I am gay? Will they mind that I didn't shave my legs? Will they see my stretch marks? Will they be attracted to me? Will I be judged? For some people, the massage is an experience they are unfamiliar with and these questions are understandable. However, massage therapists are all trained and professional, and treat on average 5 clients a day, which make such issues, non-issue to all of them

In addition, and particularly in Israel, we noticed that culture and religion also play a role. For example in Judaism and Islam physical contact between those of the opposite genders who are not related by blood or marriage is prohibited

The argument for male massage therapists

The question of male or female therapist seems to matter less over time, our regular clients, and people who book massages for health reasons and well-being are more focused on results and feel comfortable with either gender.  We notice that for some clients, the first couple of orders indicate a female preference, and after trust is built, they select 'either' gender from then on.  As, Liat, one of our costumers explained


Initially I felt more comfortable having a female therapist come to my flat, however, after I noticed how professional your therapists were and grew to trust you as a company, I felt very comfortable with any of your Masus. It's great to experience a mixture at the comfort and safety of my own house


Religion aside, there are a number of other reasons why some costumers prefer male therapists. The most common reason we hear is that male therapists are stronger and can deliver a deeper massage. A number of costumers specifically request a really strong deep tissue massage – and in those cases they opt for male

Lets not forget that Masu therapists come to your selected location, with a massage table and all the equipment, even when you live on a 4th floor flat in Tel Aviv with no parking or lift. Male therapists are less reluctant to take these kind of orders and do the heavy lifting

Masu Male Therapist Week

Due to client demands, at Masu, about 80% of our therapists are female. However, we believe in equality and quality. We hope to change Israeli mentality slightly and provide our amazing male therapists more work. We thought about this following a discussion with one of our male therapists, who is also a leading massage instructor in one of Israel's top schools, and ironically gets much less work than many of his recent female graduates

During this week we shared fun and silly survey polls on our facebook page to try and understand what people want and why but mainly to make people think. We also gave all our costumers amazing discounts for indicating that the gender doesn't matter during their online bookings. The polls were shared with over 1000 people and these were the results

Poll 1: When asked 'do you prefer to receive a massage from a male or female therapist' – 56% answered female. This is well below what we see in reality. Perhaps because many of our facebook followers are our regular clients who book for health purposes and are more accustomed to get massages

poll 1

Poll 2: We then asked 'do you prefer a strong and deep massage or a soft and pampering massage?' 69% answered strong, which wasn't surprising at allpoll 2

Poll 3: The following day we asked 'do you think of massage as a pampering treatment or a health necessity?' 57% answered that they chose massage for health and well-being

fb poll 3

Poll 4: For the last poll we asked our FB followers 'if ordering a physiotherapist or trainer to your home does it matter to you if it's a man or woman?' 73% of our respondent said that it really doesn't matter to them

fb poll 4

At the end of the day, a massage session needs to be a relaxing experience and people chose according to their comfort level. This is of course important, but for one week we decided to open people's minds, make them leave their biases and "convert" them to the other side. Masu therapists are all experienced, vetted and professional – costumers can rest assured and try them just this week, and maybe even get hooked


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